What are you exactly?

I AM a Kimbizero, a Kimbizero is an Initiated practitioner of a particular branch of Regla De Kongo (Palo Mayombe) known as Kimbiza Santo Cristo Del Buen Viaje which translates as (Holy Christ Of The Great Voyage).

Kimbiza is a Magical tradition originating in the African Kongo but revived in the Afro Cuban culture and is composed of teachings and practices from various African Traditional Religions such as Palo Monte, Ifa, Orisha, Voodoo, Freemasonry and Abakua (A Male Secret Society Originating In Cuba).

We are Kimbiza con Mayombe with our lineage being K.S.C.V. out of Matanzas Cuba under the Abakua Elder and Tatandi (Roberto Garcia) who holds the seat in the Abakua Lodge as Nazaco (Diviner) i was given the licence to perform Rayado by receiving mbele ceremony in 2017 to initiate new ahijados into our rama and lineage.

To learn more about the Kimbiza Rule please read our blogs.

I am also an Ifa and Orisha Initiate under Iya Ifaladeewa of the Oyo Ibeadan Isese lineage. As an Omo Shango i am also being trained to work as a Babalawo.

I currently work as a spiritual advisor and Kimbiza Priest (spiritualist) at Templo Kimbiza Congo, Inc. a 5013(c) non-profit religious organization in which the name Nebro Tishin is a legally registered trade name.

All religious services offered through our Munanzo Congo are 100% tax-deductible. The first step for people to work with our temple is to book a consultation with Nebro Tishin. During consultation i am able to properly diagnose your situation and provide the best spiritual medicine (bilongo) to bring about the desired result.

For the last 6 years i have been working with the online community to solve problems for thousands of individuals with the testimonials to prove it.

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