Spiritual Advisor

What are you exactly?

I am a Luciferian Mystic and Black Magician. I am often asked do i worship the Devil or Satan? NO. I am a Master of Spirits. A true luciferian adept of the occult sciences does not worship anything or anyone outside of his/ her own divine essence and see his divinity as a reflection of the universal creator GOD. This is primarily what a Luciferian is, not a Devil worshipper.

A Luciferian identifies with the Adversary according to what ever spiritual philosophy he or she subscribes to at any given time. Usually shaping his/her own spiritual path based on various spiritual and occult modelties.

The Adversary within orthodox religion particularly Christianity, Islam and Judaism is known as Satan, Shaytan or Samael. Although in truth the metaphysical understanding of the Adversary to a Luciferian is the isolate divine conscious awareness of all sentient living beings. Luciferianism is not a faith or belief system in itself but rather an ideology which is the foundation of the adepts spiritual path.

The Luciferian is free to adapt any spiritual faith he or she chooses. The goal of course is to awaken and transform his/her conscious awareness to become a Godlike being.

To learn more about the Luciferian Path please read our blogs.

I am also a Spiritual Life Coach. I work with clients who wish to learn how to make productive changes to their lifestyle to bring their physical, mental and spiritual health back into balance. I help my clients to utilize metaphysical and occult principles, techniques and trainings to develop personal and spiritual power. My coaching sessions are designed to assist the client to put the metaphysical pieces together and help them to get a clear idea in their minds about how to shape the life they desire.

During my spiritual life coaching sessions i am able to offer spiritual insight into the client’s life and see exactly whats holding them back while offering very powerful techniques and courses to help them overcome these challenges as they continue with the internal work.

My coaching session also focuses on shadow work. Assisting the client to get to the root of the problem which is holding them back in life. Many people suffer from sub conscious beliefs which have been adopted from childhood which help to shape their current reality. I assist the client to get to the root of these limiting ideals and beliefs and requires a complete reprogramming of the sub conscious mind. Here i assist the client in going deep by providing tools, techniques and also offer courses to train the client to perform the necessary inner work.

Clients often complete a session with me feeling as if a veil has been lifted from their eyes and they can now see the their path before them. They complete each session learning more about themselves while gaining the knowledge they need to take their life to the next level.

As a Spiritual Reader & Advisor i offer spiritual consultation in which clients can schedule and book a session with me to spiritually investigate any situation they are dealing with in their life. During the spiritual reading i perform a very powerful form of divination in which i consult directly with the ancestral realm and communicate with the spirits of the dead in order to answer questions proposed by the client about their life or situation. My reputation has grown over the years and is reflected in the many testimonials that you can see posted and displayed on my social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook. People come to me to get answers and after after each session they know exactly what their next move should be. Everything that i reveal in a spiritual consultation comes to pass.

I am most known for being a Spiritual Worker and providing spiritual services to cause change in my client’s lives. As a spiritualist I am a Master of Spirits in various occult traditions such as Palo Mayombe, Santeria, Obeah and also Goetic Sorcery. I assist clients from all over the world in every area of their lives. Before i perform any spiritual work for a client i require them to book and schedule a spiritual consultation during which a diagnosis is performed and a spiritual medicine is prescribed in order to help my client to overcome what ever problem they are dealing with.

Utilizing my knowledge of Spiritualism, Rootwork, Necromancy and Ceremonial Magick i have successfully helped clients from all over the world with love & relationships, job and work related situations, spiritual protection, removing witchcraft or hexes, health and even revenge spells. There is literally no type of work that i do not perform. My testimonials speak for themselves.